Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thai Terrace

Restaurant: Thai Terrace
Location: 700 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver, WA 98683
Date: March 12th, 2010
Ordered: Pad Thai
Cost: $8.50

I was talked into trying Thai Terrace (in Vancouver) the other night. Once we were seated and someone came around, I ordered - of course - my yardstick Pad Thai.

I should let you know that the service wasn't so great. It was a Friday evening, so the dinner rush was on, but the restaurant was small, noisy, and slow. Something to be aware of.

I must say that Thai Terrace has some great Pad Thai. Some of the most delicious I've tasted in a while. However, it is worth having to go to east-nowhere Vancouver for? Probably not. Fortunately, it appears that they have a North Portland location!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Restaurant: Aprisa
Location: Corner of SE 8th & Division, Portland, OR 97214
Date: February 24th, 2010
Ordered: Taco Salad
Cost: $5.40

Several of my coworkers and I decided to try Aprisa one day, as it's within walking distance of where I work. It's a surprising-looking place; it's entirely a drive-up restaurant that's roughly the size of a single-wide trailer. A cute-looking little place, but it doesn't scream "restaurant".

I ordered my favorite, taco salad. It came in short time, as ordered. The water I asked for, while ordering, however, didn't come as ordered and I had to ask for it. Notably, my friend's burrito, ordered without cheese, was delivered (with verbal assurance) without cheese. Or so he was told; it actually came with cheese, as he later, unfortunately, found out.

My taco salad, once I got a chance to eat it, wasn't all that great. It wasn't terrible, and was perhaps nicely authentic, but it wasn't all that great. The ingredients tasted fresh, but the proportions all seemed wrong.

Still, if you're in the mood for authentic mexican food, it's a place to try.