Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taqueria Portland

Restaurant: Taqueria Portland
Location: 7007 N Fessenden St, Portland, OR 97203
Date: March 5th, 2010
Ordered: Taco Salad
Cost: $6.99

The first thing I thought when I entered Taqueria Portland is that it is, by far, much nicer looking on the inside than on the outside. The second thing I thought is that the people inside are incredibly warm and friendly. The menu is simple and, occasionally, quaint in its accidental misspellings. I, of course, ordered my usual: a taco salad.

When it arrived, I was surprised. The beef inside was juicy and tender, and the shell was delicious and just perfectly fried. I devoured it pretty quickly, despite the reasonably substantial amount of food that was before me. It was pretty darn decent, at a pretty darn decent price.

The atmosphere inside was pleasant and intimate; there were probably only 6 to 8 booths or tables, all in the open area at the front of the restaurant. The only drawback was the two televisions loudly broadcasting whatever was on the local Spanish channel. That was certainly a detractor, but just about the only one.

In all, Taqueria Portland is a little gem that's got delicious food at a modest price, and is well worth visiting.

Also, of note: they have real Coke there. It's delicious.

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